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  1. Instant Reservation
  2. Get Discounts
  3. Gagner des points

You need to login to your verified BE FORWARD
Account to be able to use BUY NOW feature.

What is Buy Now?


With BUY NOW you can RESERVE et BUY vehicles instantly any time. In addition, get exclusive Discounts and earn BF Points!

Why order with Buy Now?

It's Fully Automated and Available 24/7

Buy Now feature is available 24/7. You can reserve by yourself anytime, anywhere! No need to send or reply emails or talk with a sales staff.

Earn special discounts and BF Points

Upon reservation, you'll automatically get a special Buy Now discount. In addition, you'll also earn BF Points that you can use for your future purchases.
What is BF Points?

Fast and Easy reservation

You can reserve easily and instantly with just few clicks. Once the vehicle is reserved for you, rest assured that no one else can reserve it!

Buy More and Get Higher Discounts

The more vehicles you purchase via Buy Now, the higher discount you can get
*Buy Now discount apply according to the purchase history within the past 6 months.

How to Order via Buy Now?

Reserving a vehicle is as easy as
counting 1, 2, 3!


STEP 1 Login to your


STEP 2 Go to the page of the vehicle you
want to reserve and click "Buy Now" button


STEP 3 Follow the instructions and
enter the necessary information


CONGRATULATIONS! Your vehicle is
reserved. We will start shipping your vehicle,
once we confirm your payment.

Watch step-by-step instruction video

For detailed guide on how to order a vehicle with Buy Now, please refer below:

How to Guide (for Desktop)
How to Guide (for Mobile)

Foire Aux Questions

Q1 Can I use the "Buy Now" feature without a BE FORWARD Account?
No. You must have a BE FORWARD Account to be able to use "Buy Now". Also, please make sure that your Account is verified. If you don't have an Account yet, simply 
Q2 How many vehicles can I reserve using "Buy Now"?
First-time users can only reserve one vehicle at a time using "Buy Now".
You will be able to reserve more than one vehicle if you get upgraded by BE FORWARD.
Qualifications for upgrade:
a) you shall have used "Buy Now" more than twice and successfully made payment, and
b) you shall have good payment history with BE FORWARD (The average rate of full payment out of all Proforma Invoices issued shall be higher than 80%.)
Q3 What is a Proforma Invoice (PI)?
It is the "final estimate" on the chosen vehicle and shipping conditions in the form of an invoice. It contains BE FORWARD's bank account information to be used for bank wire transfer.
Q4 What happens if I fail to pay within the allocated time?
Failure to pay within the allocated time WITHOUT NOTICE will prohibit you to reserve vehicles using Buy Now on your next order.
You can still use Buy Now to issue a Proforma Invoice (PI) by yourself, but please note that the vehicle will not be reserved for you anymore. Kindly inform us by email or phone if you need more time to pay, or if you'd like to cancel your order. You can also cancel your order by yourself through your BE FORWARD Account.
Informing us ahead and/or cancelling before the PI expires will allow you to reserve a vehicle again on your next order.
Q5 How can I download the Proforma Invoice (PI) using "Buy Now"?
You can download the Proforma Invoice (PI) from your BE FORWARD Account. We will also send a copy of the PI to your registered e-mail address, so please check your email.
Q6 Can discounts be applied after the issuance of Proforma Invoice (PI)?
Unfortunately, no. Buy Now discount is automatically applied when you order vehicles through Buy Now. Any other discounts and coupons must be applied before placing an order.
Q7 Qu'est-ce qu'une Copie TT ? Où puis-je l'obtenir ?
TT Copy means Telegraphic Transfer Copy. It is issued to you by the bank once you process your payment via bank wire transfer as a proof of your remittance/ payment.
A deposit slip may replace the TT Copy only if the TT Copy cannot be issued immediately by your bank.
Once the payment is done, please email us the TT copy or upload it in your BE FORWARD Account page to keep the vehicle reserved.
Q8 What Payment Methods do you accept?
Currently, we accept payments via bank transfer and PayPal.

If you have other questions or clarifications, please send us an email at

RESERVE and BUY your vehicle NOW!

You need to login to your verified BE FORWARD Account to be able to use BUY NOW feature

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