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  • Khethollo Tsakatsi Japanese Car Importers (Beforward Lesotho)

    par Khethollo Tsakatsi Japanese Car Importer au 16/Oct/2021 Acheteur vérifié


    If you are in Lesotho looking to buy a car from Beforward Japan, don’t hesitate to contact Beforward Lesotho. Trusted for years.

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    TOYOTA Hiace Van (CBA-TRH219W)

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  • Good Machine as was in

    par Benjamin Chipeta (Malawi) au 16/Sep/2021 Acheteur vérifié


    Good Machine as was in the picture

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    TOYOTA Hiace Van (ADF-KDH201V)

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  • The Toyota Hiace Workhorse

    par Dzingayi Mudoti (Zimbabwe) au 15/Sep/2021 Acheteur vérifié


    This is an amazing Toyota Hiace Van from the master supplier. The power and the superb drive is beyond what words can express. Soon I will get more from you for myself and my customers. Keep up the good work. You are worth every trust Be forward, muri kumberi.

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    TOYOTA Hiace Van (LDF-KDH221K)

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  • Très satisfait

    par Kasongo Katchiza (D.R.Congo) au 10/Sep/2021 Acheteur vérifié


    Ravie de voir mon véhicule très satisfait de la rapidité des agents de beforward...

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    TOYOTA Hiace Van (GB-RZH112V)

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  • Good

    par Khamis Mohd Said (Tanzania) au 24/Aug/2021 Acheteur vérifié


    very nice car

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    TOYOTA Hiace Van (KG-LH182K)

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  • Satisfeito com be foward

    par Helton Jose Ija (Mozambique) au 17/Aug/2021 Acheteur vérifié


    Recebi a viatura e estou muito satisfeito, o carro está muito novo, em bom estado de conservação, não tem nenhum problema mecânico, foi muito bom fazer negócio com a be foward são muito eficientes.

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    TOYOTA Hiace Van (ADF-KDH206V)

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  • condition good as advertised.

    par Ali Mose (Malawi) au 17/Aug/2021 Acheteur vérifié


    condition good as advertised.

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    TOYOTA Hiace Van (CBF-TRH200K)

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  • I am a Happy Beforward customer

    par Lotus K Chibuye (Zambia) au 04/Aug/2021 Acheteur vérifié


    It's a very nice bus and I really like it.The sales team is good too and offer you nice discount.The mechanical condition of the bus is very good and it's neat. This is not my first time buying from Beforward and I will continue buying from them.

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    TOYOTA Hiace Van (CBF-TRH200K)

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  • Great experience

    par Ngong Michael Aguto (South Sudan) au 28/Jul/2021 Acheteur vérifié


    Dealing with Be forward has been a great experience. My clients and I have always been appreciative to the Be forward for the best products we recieved. This hiace LH113V was smooth, clean and clear. Thank you.

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    TOYOTA Hiace Van (KC-LH113V)

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  • Very happy for the nice

    par Paradox Vehicle Importers And Sales (Zim au 14/May/2021 Acheteur vérifié


    Very happy for the nice car I got from beforward, drove 2500km without any problem at all

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    TOYOTA Hiace Van (ADF-KDH201V)

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