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  • Nyakuza adhako sylvain ( RDC)

    par Nyakuza (. au 18/May/2020 Acheteur vérifié


    Je suis heureux de recevoir mon vehicule en bon etat merci a BEFORWARD.

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    TOYOTA Liteace Noah (E-SR40G)

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    par Duku S. au 21/Oct/2019 Acheteur vérifié


    I found this car is very good and I will encourage some of my friends to buy one or more.

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    TOYOTA Liteace Noah (GF-SR50G)

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  • The Vehicle is in a good Incredible Condition.

    par Justine Longwe (Tanzania) au 17/Sep/2019 Acheteur vérifié


    Dear Yoshi. ! How are you doing today and how is Japan ? Thanks for the Toyota LITEACE NOAH E-SR50G. I bought in behalf of my friend Konard Segenye from Saza Songwe. We received the vehicle in a very good condition by the end of August-2019. It's real looking very nice. I recommend Beforward to anyone who needs used Car from Japan. Attache .... Lire la suite d is the photo of the vehicle and beside is Mr. Konard Segenye the owner of it. By Justine J. Longwe (Buyer) From , Saza - Tanzania 17 September 2019. Lire moins

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    TOYOTA Liteace Noah (E-SR50G)

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  • Excellent

    par Mascort Malambo (Zambia) au 28/Nov/2018 Acheteur vérifié


    Exactly car that I wanted and exactly features. I really enjoy and it's extremely good to do business with you. I can't wait to purchase another one from beforward soon.

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    TOYOTA Liteace Noah (E-SR40G)

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  • Nyakuza adhako Sylvain (RDC)

    par Nyakuza (. au 27/Nov/2018 Acheteur vérifié


    J'ai reçu ma voiture en bonne condition, merci beaucoup pour beforward pour faire la réalité.

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    TOYOTA Liteace Noah (E-SR40G)

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  • Perfect condition

    par Muyingo (. au 17/May/2018 Acheteur vérifié


    Car was good as nee

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    TOYOTA Liteace Noah (GF-SR50G)

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  • Great

    par Muyingo (. au 18/Mar/2018 Acheteur vérifié


    Thank you beforward all was on time

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    TOYOTA Liteace Noah (E-SR40G)

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  • Condition of the Vehicle

    par Collins Sinyangwe (Zambia) au 20/Jan/2018 Acheteur vérifié


    Am very happy to have received this vehicle in perfect condition,keep it up with your professional handling of business,thumb up! I look forward to buying another car.Thank you Collins.

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    TOYOTA Liteace Noah (E-SR40G)

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  • Hansp Hulton

    par Hansp Hulton (Tanzania) au 16/Jan/2018 Acheteur vérifié


    Thanks very much beforward, I received my vehicle in good condition just like shown in a photos at beforward website. Here we can rise our business relationship. Thanks again Beforward.

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    TOYOTA Liteace Noah (E-SR50G)

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  • Noisy in the timing belt housi8

    par Aaron Tigere (Zimbabwe) au 03/Dec/2017 Acheteur vérifié


    Making noise in the timing belt housing from the first day I received the vehicle. Other things are perfect. 95%

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    TOYOTA Liteace Noah (GF-SR40G)

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