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  • Review Nissan Note 2009 Thank you Beforeward

    par Francis Jones Tagoe (Ghana) au 23/Oct/2019 Acheteur vérifié


    It is exciting to always by from Beforward. The car came very very neat, no fault. Ready to drive. Everything about that car is just how I expected. it is spacious,smooth-running and relaxing. I will always advise anyone continue using be forward or on your spare time recommend it to your friends and family! Thank you Beforward for always being tra .... Lire la suite nsparent. Lire moins

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    NISSAN Note (DBA-E11)

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  • Prefect condition

    par Linzie Whayo (Malawi) au 19/Oct/2019 Acheteur vérifié


    The machine was in excellent condition and thanks for the the good service from start to finish

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    NISSAN Note (DBA-NE11)

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  • Nissian Note Partnership

    par Bettie Melanie Dorcely (Bahamas) au 09/Oct/2018 Acheteur vérifié


    I'm loving my Nissan note.The partnership between be forward and I was a smooth,easy and enjoyable one.Everything about that car is jus how I envisioned it- spacious,smooth-running and relaxing.Definitely recommend everyone to continue using be forward or on your spare time recommend it to your friends and family!

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    NISSAN Note (DBA-E11)

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  • Thanking you Be forward

    par Stewart Katolo Vintalu (Zambia) au 11/Feb/2018 Acheteur vérifié


    Thanks to you Be forward I received the car without any problem, your services are good & am looking forward to doing more business with you & am recommending other customers to buy cars from Be forward for good service & quality vehicles.

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    NISSAN Note (DBA-E11)

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    par Jackson Kausiwa (Malawi) au 29/Oct/2017 Acheteur vérifié


    The car has the basic standard features that I was looking for i.e. ABS, Power steering, etc. besides fuel efficiency, year of make and fair price. I am enjoying the features because the vehicle is promising safety, reliability and it’s a user-friendly machine, and so far it is helping me to respond to my family’s urgent transport needs. So far i .... Lire la suite ts mechanical condition is just perfect: several mechanic technical assessments have proven it to be in a good condition and road fit. BF as a car selling company is reliable and offers satisfying services: - full of updates and guide throughout the purchase process - treating customers with respect and has sound business professionalism - Safety of the vehicle and its accessories (e.g. wheel covers were kept right inside the vehicle for security reasons – this was good!) - offering of additional services such as Clearance, Safety items at a good price - Offer of discounts etc. Lire moins

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    NISSAN Note (DBA-NE11)

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  • Fast service, Great Car

    par Loforina Rolle (Bahamas) au 21/Jun/2017 Acheteur vérifié


    The service was fast , the car itself came so fast . The car was clean in and out and looked better than the pictures

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    NISSAN Note (DBA-E11)

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  • Nissan Note

    par Tanackia Tinker (Bahamas) au 27/Mar/2017 Acheteur vérifié


    Thank you for your services. I love my new car and it was just as described and just as I expected. I ordered a 2007 Nissan Note on December 23,2016 and received it the last week in February. I will definitely purchase again from you guys. It was worth it!

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    NISSAN Note (DBA-E11)

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  • My wonderful car

    par James Jimmy Kaunda (Zambia) au 06/Feb/2017 Acheteur vérifié


    Beforward thanks for this wonderful car, am enjoying it with my family .Thanks its raised seating and boxy shape, it's spacious and easy to drive. Fuel consumption is also excellent .

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    NISSAN Note (DBA-E11)

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  • 2008 Nissan note

    par Crystal Curry (Bahamas) au 22/Nov/2016 Acheteur vérifié


    I was so excited to receive my first car that i learned to have patience. The color is a beautiful sky blue. The exterior had some scratches and the interior was very clean. There was just a scratch on the front seats but overall the car is very nice. It runs good. I love it. The process of ordering and clearing was not to complicated, and this was .... Lire la suite my first things ordering. I highly recommend be forward. Lire moins

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    NISSAN Note (DBA-E11)

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  • Thank you be forward.

    par Robert (. au 03/Jan/2020 Acheteur vérifié

    I received my car in a very good condition,beforward you will never go wrong.try be forward.

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    NISSAN Note (DBA-E11)

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