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  • Thanks to beforward

    par Matankiso Leohla (Lesotho) au 10/Sep/2019 Acheteur vérifié


    I am really thankful to beforward. My car arrived safely even though people were discourging me that I might lose my money. I am so happy that I did it myself. Beforward was with me all the way. My car is so beautiful, thanks to beforward.

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    SUZUKI Kei (TA-HN12S)

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    par Elube Munthali (Malawi) au 27/Jul/2019 Acheteur vérifié


    When I informed my friend I wanted to buy a car, she did not hesitate by recommending SUZUKI KEi because it is fuel efficient car and is spacious. Am really happy to own such car and I enjoy the its comfort.

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    SUZUKI Kei (CBA-HN22S)

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  • Suzuki kei.

    par Marvin Jones (Grenada) au 29/Jun/2018 Acheteur vérifié


    my Suzuki kei, arrived in really great condition, has a lot of power for 650cc, very fuel efficient, I would highly recommend for anyone wanting a very fuel efficient daily driver.

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    SUZUKI Kei (TA-HN22S)

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  • Suzuki kei

    par Frédéric Akili (D.R.Congo) au 21/Mar/2018 Acheteur vérifié


    Le véhicule est bien arrivé ,techniquement en bon état mais la baterie est foutu est irrécupérable, en tout cas congratulations beforward ! Vous étés le meilleur.

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    SUZUKI Kei (GF-HN21S)

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    par Joseph Chigwa (Malawi) au 12/Jun/2017 Acheteur vérifié


    I recently bought a Suzuki Kei from BEFOREWARD CO. LTD and the whole ordering to delivery process was awesome as well as stress-free. I received the vehicle in immaculate condition and I feel on top of the world driving it. I would not hesitate to recommend BEFOREWARD CO. LTD to everyone intending to buy a vehicle. Thank you.

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    SUZUKI Kei (ABA-HN22S)

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  • very good

    par Sulleiman (Tanzania) au 29/Dec/2019 Acheteur vérifié

    it has been good and I'm enjoying it

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    SUZUKI Kei (TA-HN22S)

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  • Thank you very much for

    par Rose Jany Torres (Micronesia) au 22/Oct/2019 Acheteur vérifié

    Thank you very much for the car I ordered. The guy that owns that car is very happy to have it. As far as I know, he said the car is good and he likes it

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    SUZUKI Kei (TA-HN22S)

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  • Suzuki Kei HN11S

    par Joseph (Zimbabwe) au 17/Jan/2019 Acheteur vérifié

    Neat fuel saver 1litre to 22 km, very powerful engine, good clearance from the ground,neat interior and exterior, I dont hesitate to recommend it to potential buyers,I am really enjoying it,thank you Be Forward.

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    SUZUKI Kei (GF-HN11S)

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    par Flavian Meshack Shengeza (Tanzania) au 21/Jul/2018 Acheteur vérifié

    I like the car it is simple,good outlook less fuel consumption. Much more I appreciate the cooperation I got from Beforward to repair my car by replacing a gear box as it was found to have some mechanical problems when I received it.The WARRANTY for vehicles imported by beforward is real!!!! Thank you so much I am enjoying my car for sure.

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    SUZUKI Kei (TA-HN22S)

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  • Suzuki Kei

    par Robert Samiji (Tanzania) au 10/Jan/2018 Acheteur vérifié

    Thanks so much for a very nice car. I received the car in a very good condition and am now enjoying driving it. Look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Robert Tanzania

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    SUZUKI Kei (TA-HN22S)

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