Warranty Coverage

Your Vehicle is now protected by this service.
You can rest assured that unexpected mechanical
issues or missing items that are discovered
after your car arrives will be covered by BE FORWARD

Mechanical Issues / Missing Items / Damage Issues

Coverages For BE FORWARD Warranty

Partial Damage of the Vehicle Breakage/
Engine Mechanical Issues Transmission Mechanical Issues
Protected Protected Protected Protected
Electrical Issues Missing Items Wrecker Cost Expendable Parts Vessel Sinking
Protected Protected Protected Not Protected Not Protected

How To Report An Issue To Us

  1. STEP 1:

    We need all of the following from you in order to compensate you for your vehicle's issues:

    1. Photos of received vehicle(s), showing damage or missing items (where it was supposed to be)
      *Please do not send photos from our website.
    2. Repair Estimate written by repair professional
      *Email text of hear-say (your email text: "My mechanic said to me it will cost $50 to repair this.") will not be satisfactory.
    3. Fill in "Damage Report" below and send it back to BE FORWARD (top@beforward.jp)
      Damage Report Download:

    Please make sure to send all of the above to BE FORWARD in order for you to receive warranty compensation. Failing to provide us all of the above may result in delay on BE FORWARD Warranty processing.
    If you additionally send us Port's Report (please ask the Port Authority for this), it would even be better.

  2. STEP 2:

    Surveyors may be appointed to assess the damage.
    Your case will be verified to deem if compensation is warranted.

  3. STEP 3:

    BE FORWARD will contact you. If you case is accepted and compensation is warranted
    we will guide through the procedure of how to receive any compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What issues are covered?
How much is the maximum coverage amount?
Repair methods and materials for the damaged vehicle shall be evaluated and determined by BE FORWARD and based on its sole discretion. The repair cost shall be, however, capped by a maximum amount set forth as follows:
A) Vehicles with FOB prices below US$500: Repair costs may be up to US$200.
B) Vehicles with FOB prices between US$501 and US$4,000: Repairs may be charged up to the original FOB price.
C) Vehicles with FOB price of US$4,001 or more: Repair costs may be up to US$4,000.
What's the difference between BE FORWARD Warranty and Marine Insurance?
BE FORWARD Warranty begins once the vehicle has been unloaded from the marine vessel and shall cover the losses and/or damages for the warranty period. Our Marine Insurance shall cover the losses when the vessel sinks or any other unpredictable losses, while your vehicle is on board, incurred strictly by natural disasters.
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