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About TOYOTA Allion

The 2013 Toyota Allion, also known as the Premio, is a member of the model's 2nd and current generation which has run from 2007. An elegant 4-door sedan, the 2013's variations tend to offer a 60L petrol engine with a fuel economy of around 5.5L to 6.8L per 100km, improved with the later year production variations. The models come with the options of 2- or 4-wheel drive drivetrain, and automatic transmission. Compact yet luxurious, the quality feeling is enhanced with generous cabin and boot space.

With a sporty and slick exterior, features include optional alloys, custom spoilers and smart entry for good looks as well as practicality. The Allion has enhanced steering capacity, on top of traction control and ABS for smooth drivability and safety. The rear seats fold for versatility, giving an extra feeling of spaciousness with plenty of storage space and leg room, contributing to the overall notion of professionalism.

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