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About TOYOTA Land Cruiser

The rugged 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser is a member of the model's 1st and current generation which has run since 2007. The powerful 5-door SUV's 2012 variations tend to offer a 93L petrol or diesel engine offering a fuel economy of around 14.4L per 100km. It has 4-wheel-drive drivetrain and automatic transmission. It has a huge boot at around 620L, which can be expanded to 1935L with the seats folded. It also has good towing capacity and is a favourite choice for off-road enthusiasts.

It has optional front and rear fog lamps, moon roof and cameras in 4 locations for an all-round view of the exterior surroundings. With seating for 8, divided into 3 rows, and a full set of 10 airbags in the cabin and multi-zone climate control, plus optional extras such as navigation, the passengers can also feel secure and enjoy the driving experience. While it is designed to perform, there has been no compromise in style, with impressive cabin layout and design, easy start-stop and optional wood panelling giving a luxurious detailing touch.

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