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A long-time seller, the 2012 Daihatsu Mira is a member of the model's 6th and current generation and has come in a variety of configurations and styles over the years. Coming in 3-door hatchback and van, or 5-door hatchback styles, the 2012 variations tend to offer 2- or 4- wheel drive drivetrain and manual and automatic transmission options. This city runabout has great fuel economy of around 4.8L to 4.7L per 100km, making it a zippy and affordable choice. The addition of an idle stop system reduces unnecessary engine running time and minimises fuel consumption.

This neat, no-fuss compact comes with standard ABS and braking and traction control systems, plus power steering, making it easy to drive and manoeuvrable in tight spaces. Its interior design is not compromised by its compact size, and movable seats in the rear allow for adjustment to prioritise boot space or leg room for passengers. The gear system is located in the centre dash space, and it comes with power mirrors, steering adjustment, and easy push start for an enhanced driving experience.

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