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A compact commercial vehicle, the 2012 Nissan Ad Expert, also known as the Wingroad, is a member of the model's current and 3rd generation, which has run since 2006. This 5-door wagon's 2012 variations tend to offer a 45L petrol engine with a fuel economy of around 5.8L to 7.1L per 100km. It comes with 2-wheel-drive drivetrain and automatic or manual transmission. Easy-to-drive, it performs not only as a utility vehicle but also as a reliable people-mover. It is designed for easy loading and unloading with a wide opening door and low floor level, and with rear and front folding seat, it can be configured to handle bulky equipment or family luggage.

This spacious wagon has external features including optional xenon headlights and fog lamps, and elegant front and rear spoilers on most models. For safety, it comes with ABS, brake assist and electric brake force distribution for safe braking and handling, as well as driver and passenger airbags standard. The roomy interior features a unique workspace with fold down table for a laptop computer, and interior compartments for storage, making it an economical work-horse or practical family car.

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