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About NISSAN Serena

A practical people-mover, the 2015 Nissan Serena is a member of the model's 4th generation which ran from 2010 to 2016. This spacious 5-door MPV's 2015 variations tend to offer a 60L petrol engine with a fuel economy of around 6.25L to 7.35L per 100km. It comes with 2-wheel or 4-wheel-drive drivetrain and automatic transmission. With seating for 8, it is an affordable choice for a big family or drives with friends, and plenty of space too for everyone's baggage.

With a boxy yet smooth lines, the high-roof design helps to maximise space, and rear sliding doors makes getting in and out, and loading and unloading luggage simple. A panoramic room adds to the feeling of spaciousness and enhanced visibility. It has a versatile interior configuration with adjustable seating with every seat foldable, and the air conditioning is also adjustable in the back for ultimate comfort. The interior trim comes in a range of levels to suit taste preferences and budgets, making this minivan an all-rounder offering utility and sophistication.

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