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About HYUNDAI Santa Fe

The edgy and sophisticated 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe is a member of the model's 3rd generation which has run from 2013 to 2018. The sporty 5-door SUV's 2013 variations tend to offer a 64L to 71L petrol or diesel engine, with fuel economy of around 5.9L to 11.8L per 100km. It comes with 2-wheel or 4-wheel-drive drivetrain, and "manumatic" transmission?that combines the convenience of automatic with a mechanism to let the driver adjust the shift. The boot has a capacity of around 585L, and a maximum of around 1680L with the seats folded.

With a short-wheelbase sporty option or longer-wheelbase variation, plus an array of exterior features, this versatile SUV has options to suit driving and style preferences. Typical attributes include alloy wheels, distinctive grille and the smart "Storm Edge" design. Basic interior features include Bluetooth, CD/radio and USB/ipod connectivity and 6 speaker stereo, with extra options like leather trim, GPS navigation and touch-screen control panel. Seating is in three rows, with lots of head and legroom for all passengers. The Santa Fe is Hyundai's best seller, packed with features and plenty of variations to choose from, it's a powerful crossover built with utility and comfort in mind.

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