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About SUBARU Impreza Anesis

The powerful 2010 Subaru Impreza Anesis is a member of the model's 1st generation which ran from 2008 to 2010, from the 3rd generation of the ever-popular Impreza family. The 4-door sedan's 2010 variations tend to offer a 60L petrol engine with a fuel economy of around 5.7L to 7.3L per 100km. It has a 2-wheel or all-wheel drive drivetrain, and automatic or manual transmission options. It has a spacious sedan boot that can be expanded even further with the seats folded down.

The elegant exterior has prominent features including the 16-inch alloy wheels, UV-cut and privacy glass, and fog lamps standard on some variations. Imprezas typically boast great drivability and safety, and this is no exception, with brake assist, ABS and capable handling. Interior features include power windows and central locking, as well as optional navigation systems for convenience and easy driving.

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