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Rest assured that your vehicle will be reserved only for you during 24 hours after you place the order

How Buy Now Works

Buy Now works in 3 easy steps.

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    Order using Buy Now

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  • Step 1. Login

    You must Login to your Account or Create Account to use Buy Now. Please note that your Account must be verified.

    Step 1. Login
  • Step 2. Order using Buy Now

    Select the vehicle you would like to purchase from the following pages and click "BUY NOW" button. Fill in the required information, carefully read the Terms and Conditions and place an order.

    You can order using Buy Now on:

    Stock List Page

    Step 2. Order using Buy Now Step 2. Order using Buy Now

    Vehicle Description Page

    Step 2. Vehicle Description Page Step 2. Vehicle Description Page

    Mobile Site

    Step 2. Mobile Site
  • Step 3. Make Payment

    Download Proforma Invoice and make payment within the specified time. (Terms and Conditions apply) We accept multiple payment methods.

    Step3 Order

    If you fail to make payment within the set time, the vehicle will be returned back to the stock list. Please inform us of your payment schedule if you are going to make payment after a lapse of the specified time.

    After you make a payment, we will contact you to arrange the shipping.

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Vehicle reservation for 24hours

Saturday and Sunday are excluded Could be extended up to 48 hours upon your request by email You can reserve only one vehicle at a time. However you can reserve more vehicles when your account gets an upgrade.

Payment shall be made within 24 hours

Payment shall be made within 24 hours

Proof of payment shall be sent within 24 hours Price is not negotiable after placing the order

Restriction applies if the order is cancelled

Restriction applies if the order is cancelled

You cannot reserve a vehicle on your next order

Perguntas frequentes

Can I use the "Buy Now" feature without BE FORWARD account (My Account)?
No. You must have a BE FORWARD account before using the "Buy Now". If you don’t have an account yet, simply sign up here.
How can I reserve more than one vehicle at a time using "Buy Now"?
You can only reserve one vehicle at a time using "Buy Now" unless you get upgraded by BE FORWARD. To upgrade, a) you shall have used "Buy Now" more than twice and successfully made payment, and b) you shall have good payment history with BE FORWARD (The average rate of full payment out of all Proforma Invoices issued shall be higher than 80%. )
What happens to unpaid Proforma Invoice (PI) after 24 hours?
Failure to pay the issued Proforma Invoice (PI) after 48 hours prohibits you to reserve vehicle by using BUY NOW until you pay for any reserved vehicle. But you can issue Proforma Invoice (PI) without reservation anytime for any vehicle.
What is Proforma Invoice (PI)?
It is the "final estimate" on the chosen vehicle and shipping conditions in the form of an invoice.
What is TT Copy? Where can I get it?
TT Copy is the Telegraphic Transfer Copy issued to you once you process your payment via bank wire transfer as a proof of your remittance. The deposit slip may replace the TT Copy only if the TT Copy is not issued immediately by your bank.
How can I download a Proforma Invoice (PI) using "Buy Now"?
You can download a Proforma Invoice (PI) through the order form (after placing your order) or from your account page. Also, you will receive a Proforma Invoice to your registered e-mail.
If I can't pay the Proforma Invoice (PI) within 24 hours, what shall I do?
Please inform us your intention to pay or intention to cancel by email or phone. By giving us notification, it will allow you to reserve a vehicle next time. You can also cancel your reservation from My Account.
Can discounts be applied after the issuance of Proforma Invoice (PI)?
Buy Now discount is automatically applied when you order vehicles through Buy Now. Any other discounts and coupons must be applied before placing the order.
What Payment Methods do you accept?
Currently we accept payments via bank transfer, PayPal and Bitcoin. For more detailed information, please refer aqui.
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