TOYOTA HILUX SURF Avaliações e testemunho de clientes

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    por Jules Maninga Mangala (D.R.Congo) em 11/Nov/2019 Comprador verificado



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    TOYOTA Hilux Surf (LA-RZN215W)

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    por UCAYA P. em 10/Aug/2019 Comprador verificado


    Nous sommes satisfait de notre véhicule puis de la prise en charge des agents du déroulement d'achat jusqu'à l'expédition Finale. Merci Beforward, le seul endroit sûre pour l'achat des véhicules en ligne.

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    TOYOTA Hilux Surf (LA-RZN215W)

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  • Confirmation de réception

    por Muhindo Musondolya (D.R.Congo) em 23/May/2019 Comprador verificado


    Hello This short message to let you be informed that I have already receive my car. Happy to deal with you

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    TOYOTA Hilux Surf (LA-RZN215W)

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  • Well done

    por Kambale Matumo Moïse (D.R.Congo) em 06/Apr/2019 Comprador verificado


    I've got my Hilux surf in good condition. I'm really proud of your service. Beforward is the best

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    TOYOTA Hilux Surf (GF-RZN185W)

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  • Toyota surf

    por Bula Pompidou Bondis (D.R.Congo) em 27/Feb/2019 Comprador verificado


    I am very happy with my new car. this is in very good condition i love so much Beforward

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    TOYOTA Hilux Surf (CBA-TRN210W)

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  • Thank you Beforward

    por Duabo Motoba Henri (D.R.Congo) em 30/Jan/2019 Comprador verificado


    I thank too much Beforward , this was the véhicule of my dream , i have purchase a hilux surf in good condition ! I will recommand my friends and families to buy regulary their véhicule to Beforward. The Service is fanastic

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    TOYOTA Hilux Surf (E-RZN185W)

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  • awesome

    por Nathaniel Dimel (Papua New Guinea) em 23/Oct/2018 Comprador verificado


    Thanks BE Forward team. Vehicle.. Hilux surf

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    TOYOTA Hilux Surf (Q-LN130W)

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  • Smart Hilux SSRG As a dream

    por Ben Kasala (D.R.Congo) em 05/Feb/2018 Comprador verificado


    I received this Hilux Surf in a good condition just the way i ordered as the dream of my wife, it looks more beautiful and good Condition, Thank you Nicolas for a good customer care

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    TOYOTA Hilux Surf (CBA-TRN215W)

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  • My Hilux Surf is just Superb.

    por Champion M Chilomo (Zambia) em 02/Dec/2017 Comprador verificado


    My Hilux arrived in superb condition, the exterior and interior, gadgets thereof were or shall i say are perfect, it drives perfect. Thank you Beforward its as good as new. A little disappointment was on tyres, all my previous buys from Beforward came with new ones, but on this one, I have had to grapple with two punctures in less than 4 weeks of r ...Ler mais eceiving it. Overally its 5 star all the way. Thank you its worth the money and the joy of owning such a motor vehicle. - Mr Chilomo from Lusaka Zambia Ler menos

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    TOYOTA Hilux Surf (GH-RZN185W)

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    por Mark Whitworth (Malawi) em 04/Jul/2017 Comprador verificado


    We received our HiLux some ten weeks after ordering it; a little longer than expected, but it did arrive in time for our first safaris to Lake Malawi, South Luangwa and Victoria Falls, so we were not too perturbed. The vehicle was in excellent condition and arrived as per specification and as per the photographs on the BE Forward website. I was con ...Ler mais fident that the 3.4 litre engine, one of Toyotas best, would be very good, but I did have some concern about the condition of the transmission, which you obviously cannot assess from a web page. This fear proved groundless and having now traversed 3,500 kilometres of some of the toughest driving conditions in the world, I can confidently say the car is a good one. As far as I can see there were only thee downsides. There were some minor scratches on the side door panels for the car, which appear to have been made in transit; these were not serious enough to warrant claiming on the shipping insurance. The GPS and stereo are all geared to the Japanese market and need to be replaced, although the speakers are in excellent condition. The car came with all the manuals and a log book (!) unfortunately these are in Japanese and I have had to try and download English language versions, which is tricky for the model in question. My wife and I are extremely happy with the purchase of the HiLux and with the sales and service from BE FORWARD, both in Japan and their local staff in Lilongwe, Malawi. Ler menos

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    TOYOTA Hilux Surf (TA-VZN215W)

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