AUDI A3 Avaliações e testemunho de clientes

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  • Aluwani from Botswana

    por Nemakonde Aluwani Joseph (Republic of So em 07/Sep/2019 Comprador verificado


    I received the car in a very good condition and it drives like a dream. Thank you Beforward.

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    AUDI A3 (GH-8PBVY)

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    por Khethollo Tsakatsi Japanese Car Importer em 01/May/2019 Comprador verificado


    KTJCI has become what it is today because of Beforward. Our clients in Lesotho know exactly what to expect from us because we are dealing with the best Japanese Car Exporters in the world.

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    AUDI A3 (GH-8PBSE)

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    por Khethollo Tsakatsi Japanese Car Importer em 18/Mar/2019 Comprador verificado


    KTJCI,the most trusted & reliable car Importers in Lesotho has been relying on Beforward from day one to guarantee our clients a good value for their hard-earned money. Big ups Beforward!

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  • Audi A3

    por Florence Mbewe (Zambia) em 06/Aug/2018 Comprador verificado


    Received my car in a perfect condition.thanx

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  • Audi A3 Purchase

    por Tinashe James Chinyanga (Zimbabwe) em 26/Mar/2018 Comprador verificado


    I'm highly satisfied with my purchase. My Audi A3 looks better than it did on the pictures. The driving experience is top-notch. The only issue I had was the headliner. In all fairness, the pictures did show a little bit that the headliner was starting to sag but its not something to write home about. Another point I'd like to make is for ...Ler mais BeForward to share service logs for a given car. This will help buyers to purchase knowing in advance how to prepare for the next service of the vehicle. Beyond that, I'd highly recommend buying from BeForward, the team is professional with schedules as accurate as advertised. Better than most local dealers. Keep up the good work. Ler menos

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    AUDI A3 (GH-8PAXX)

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  • Surprised

    por Mariusz Dembski (Curacao/Netherlands Ant em 08/Sep/2017 Comprador verificado


    I received my Audi A3 2006 and I was surprised how well maintained it was. Unfortunately after about a month the battery died and had to be replaced (charge from the alternator 13.5W instead of 14W). I need to check it at the garage soon, just to be sure. Minor dent over front right wheel which I did not noticed/see on the posted pics but for 10-11 ...Ler mais years old car I don’t really mind it. Car itself drives well and I’m happy with a purchase :-) Ler menos

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    AUDI A3 (GH-8PBSE)

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  • Good great car i love it so much

    por Wellington Kassam (Malawi) em 14/Apr/2017 Comprador verificado


    I buy another one soon very soon engine is good but this has bi led light left one goes on and off and air condition i fix fix it myself it was not working

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    AUDI A3 (GH-8PBVY)

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  • Audi A3 3.2 Sportback Review

    por Bradley Choonga (Zambia) em 22/Feb/2017 Comprador verificado


    The car came in good driving condition, was able to travel approximately 2,000km from Dar-es-salaam to Lusaka with no issues. Body is excellent and neater than i imagined, engine and transmission drive very well. Minor work was needed with suspension but overall good buy.

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  • A Satisfied Customer.

    por Kimani Aaron Chester (Kenya) em 27/Jan/2020 Comprador verificado

    I thank Be Forward for the professionalism right from the beginning to the end. Surely making my next car purchase from you guys!!

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  • Audi A3 Review

    por Thapelo Tlotlo Morwe (Botswana) em 17/Jan/2020 Comprador verificado

    The car arrived just as described and on time, pleasing to the eye and great performance, just put new tyres.

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    AUDI A3 (GH-8PAXX)

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