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TOYOTA Altezza Gita

The Toytota Altezza Gita is the wagon variant of the Altezza sports sedan. This crossover vehicles represents a great fusion of utility and style. The coupe style of the Altezza mixed with the utility features of a wagon puts it on a different plane. This sporty vehicle is powered by an inline 6 engine for performance and reliability. The standard transmission is AT but MT is available until the 2003 model. Choose between the rear wheel drive or the front wheel drive system depending on your preference.

As with the Altezza sedan, the Gita wagon variant offers a variety of features in addition to increased storage space. Most noteworthy of the Altezza Gita variant in comparison to the sedan is the boot that has been replaced with a more rounded aesthetic and a hatchback-like liftable back door for easy access.

With a range of grades available, some of the included features across each of its trims include genuine leather seating, fog lamps, and an electric pop-up electro multivision system with DVD voice navigation.

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