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About TOYOTA Auris

Dynamic and practical, the 2014 Toyota Auris is a member of the model's current and 2nd generation, which has run since 2012. Also known as the Corolla in some markets, this reliable 5-door hatchback's 2014 variations tend to offer a 45L to 55L petrol or diesel engine with a fuel economy of around 3.6L to 5.9L per 100km, 2-wheel-drive drivetrain, and automatic or manual transmission. It offers great versatility with storage, with an average boot capacity of around 360L, and maximum of 1335L with its seats folded.

The exterior includes projection headlights and spoiler standard, and a host of optional trim extras such as fog lamps and 16 inch alloy wheels. The interior features a simple and sensible internal control layout, power windows, central locking and split rear seating, and optional fully automatic air conditioning and sunroof, along with privacy and UV-cut glass. A spacious hatchback, the cabin offers lots of room for passengers in the front and back and standard airbags for safety make this an economical and dependable family car.

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