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About TOYOTA Regiusace Commuter

The Toyota Regiusace Commuter is the HiAce rebadged with a luxury orientation, the Toyota RegiusAce, was introduced August 1999 with different versions called the Regius HiAce and Regius Touring HiAce sold at Toyopet and Vista dealerships. The RegiusAce uses a cab over setup, meaning that front seat passengers sit on top of the front axle and the engine is located underneath the floor and between the front passengers. Engines are 2.0-Liter gasoline in-line-four (TC-TRH124B) 108ps/12.3kgm, 2.4-Liter in-line-four gasoline (GE-RZH125B) 120ps/20.2kgm and 3.0-Liter in-line-four diesel 130ps/28.7kgm (KG-LH186B). Transmissions are 5-speed manual or 4-speed AT. The manufacturing years range between 1999 and 2004.

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