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About TOYOTA Estima

The room MPV 2012 Toyota Estima, also known as the Previa, is a member of the model's 2nd and current generation which has run since 2006. The 5-door minivan's 2012 variations tend to offer a 75L petrol engine, with a fuel economy of around 8L to 8.7L per 100km, 2- or 4-wheel-drive drivetrain and automatic transmission. It has a boot space of around 495L, and with seating for 7 or 8 it makes a great choice for a big family.

Sleek and sporty looking, the exterior has received a facelift a features stylishly designed headlights and front fog lamps, neat spoilers and a sunroof. On the inside this people-mover features Toyota's dual-zone climate control allowing passengers in the front adjust the temperature with a separate set of controls, for ultimate cabin comfort. The interior features stylish trim, reclining seats, hooks and compartments for storage and a host of optional extras include leather seats, cruise control and navigation systems. With the Estima, drivers don't have to settle for a plain-looking or featureless vehicle when shopping for a minivan.

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