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About TOYOTA Harrier Hybrid

The crossover 2015 Toyota Harrier Hybrid is a member of the model's 3rd and current generation which has run from 2013. This roomy 5-door wagon's 2015 hybrid variations tend to offer a 56L petrol engine with a fuel economy of around 4.7L per 100km. It has a 2-wheel-drive drivetrain and automatic transmission. The hybrid engine delivers driving performance and excellent fuel efficiency, making it a cost-effective and tasteful family car.

Combining luxury with affordability, the Harrier comes in three main variations of Premium, Elegance and Grand versions with trim and a range of features and accessories inside and out. Typical exterior options tend to include front and rear fog lamps, 18- or 19- inch alloy wheels, spoilers and bodykit, complementing its rounded look. The chic interior feature options include leather seats and touchscreen navigation system in the central control panel. There are also plenty of safety features with a full suite of front and side airbags and automatic braking and handling technologies, in addition to optional cruise control under the bonnet for a superior driving experience.

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