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About TOYOTA Hiace Van

The lightweight commercial 2010 Toyota Hiace Van is a member of the model's 5th and current generation which has run since 2004, and is a top seller, marketed under various names in many markets around the world. This 3- or 4- door van or minibus' 2010 variations tend to offer a 70L diesel engine with a fuel economy of around 9L per 100km. It comes with 2-wheel-drive drivetrain and automatic or manual transmission. Variations include a wide-wheelbase, long-, wide-super long and high-roof models to cater to differing load and hauling requirements.

With a rounded front and wide windows, the exterior features a short nose, and good front visibility. On the inside, the Hiace features optional trim packages include navigation systems, and the gear system is located in the dash area for extra space in the cabin. For use as a private or commercial vehicle, the multi-purpose Hiace with Toyota's renowned reliability continues to be a top choice globally.

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