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About TOYOTA Succeed Van

The Toyota Succeed Van is the most convenient commercial van Toyota (actually Daihatsu) has ever made. It has long history since 2002 as a successor of Corolla Van. The price , fuel-economy and spacious rear cargo space are three advantages of its kind. The engines are 1.5-Liter in-line-four DOHC (Double Overhead Cam ) FF( Front engine Front drive) gasoline with 110ps/14.4kgm (CBE-NCP51V) and 1.4-Liter in-line-four SOHC (Single Overhead Cam) diesel with 72ps/17.3kgm (NLP-51V). The biggest advantage of this commercial vehicle is to provide drivers on business with comfort in the driver's seat and cargo transfer efficiency at the same time.

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