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TOYOTA Townace Truck

The TOYOTA TOWNACE TRUCK is an open cargo TRUCK version of the popular TOWNACE. Designed for light-goods transportation, these nimble trucks are powered by fuel efficient engines typically in the 1500cc (GA-KM51) to ~1800cc (T-YM55) range paired with either a manual or automatic transmission (steering column/dash mounted shifter for extra space in the cabin). Some of the older models sport a 210cc engine (KF-CM85) and feature 4WD and a higher carrying capacity. (though most TOWNACE TRUCKs will comfortably haul up to around 750kg approx.)

A long-time bestseller, the Toyota TownAce Truck offers a variety of engine and style variants across its range of models including low-deck, high-deck, and just-low in addition to a number of fuel-efficient engine capacities to choose from.

Its interior is complemented by a vast amount of space that includes comfortable seating in addition to added conveniences such as strong manual air conditioning and power steering; while its exterior is simple yet functional and presents a generous amount of cargo space in the back and large headlights in the front.

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