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About NISSAN Homy Van

The Nissan Homy Van is "Cab Over" (Cabin Over the Engine; COE) style van for commercial use. It had been manufactured till 1999 and the name was merged into "Caravan". The engines are 2.0-Liter in-line-four diesel turbo (E-KHE24) with 79ps/20kgm, 2.7-Liter in-line-four diesel with 90ps/18.4kgm and 3.2-Liter in-line-four diesel (KG-VWMGE24) with 100ps/21.3kgm. Plenty of body variations to fit the needs of the customers have been produced such as ambulance, police cars, etc. The most interesting feature was so-called "Bikkuri Window" (Terrific Window) which is located on the left-rear quarter side with height 745mm x length 1,450mm.

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