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About VOLKSWAGEN Touareg

The Volkswagen Touareg is the first premium SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) with three powerful gasoline engines; 3.2-Liter V6 (GH-7LBMVA) with 241ps/31.6kgm, 4.2-Liter V8 (GH-7LAXQS) with 310ps/41.8kgm and 6.0-Liter W12 (GH-7LBJNA) with450ps/61.2kgm. The transmission for all models is Tiptronic 6AT with paddle-shifting. 5-door with front and 2nd row seats carrying 5 passengers in total. Full-time 4WD with electronic center differential "Multiplate Diff-lock" which distributes torque 50:50 on smooth roads and varies between 0:100 and 100:0 depending on the road conditions. The characteristic exterior design with aero bumper, side sill extension, roof edge spoiler and chrome front air intake. Steering heater is equipped.

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