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About ISUZU Bighorn

The Isuzu Bighorn is the flagship model of its SUV series with two types efficient engines; 3.5-Liter V6 DOHC (Double Overhead Cam) Gasoline (GF-UBS26GW) and Common-rail 3.0-Liter direct injection diesel engine (KH-UBS73GW) with high-pressure(1,400 bar mixed with engine oil) nozzle injecting diesel fuel in accordance with the acceleration and injection controlled by the computer. 3.5-Liter Gasoline has 230ps/5,600rpm and 3-Liter diesel has 160ps/3900rpm・34.0kgm/2000rpm respectively. The transmission types are regular part-time 4WD and TOD (Torque On Demand) toque-split 4WD. The suspensions are double-wishbone front and 4-links rear. The body type is "Long" with 5 seats or 7.

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