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Maoni ya wateja na Mrejesho na Magari ya Kijapani yaliyotumika

10,587 reviews
  • My Access to this Car

    na Shadreck Chare (Zimbabwe) kuwasha 11/May/2022 Mnunuzi aliyethibitishwa


    My name is Shadreck Chare when i bought this Nissan Atlas i was just like will it het home but to no doubt i managed to get home . I was so excited for this car since i did an online purchase using Beforward iam glad that i managed to drive the alone all the way from Tanzania to Zimbabwe without any problems along the way , its good to and it' ...Soma zaidi s enjoyable i have no doubt with Beforward try it and you will have yourself driving Soma Chini

    Pitia kwenye
    NISSAN Atlas (SKG-SZ1F24)

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  • Dear sir Thank you because

    na Muzenzeka Gerard (D.R.Congo) kuwasha 10/May/2022 Mnunuzi aliyethibitishwa


    Dear sir Thank you because I reaceved my car Best and regard Muzenzeka Gérard

    Pitia kwenye

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  • Perfect car with no scratches

    na Sudden Mukuka (Zambia) kuwasha 10/May/2022 Mnunuzi aliyethibitishwa


    Perfect car with no scratches and neat interior thanks very much

    Pitia kwenye
    TOYOTA Liteace Noah (GF-SR40G)

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  • Honda fit shuttle and Honda fit ge6

    na Tichaona Dehwe (Zimbabwe) kuwasha 10/May/2022 Mnunuzi aliyethibitishwa


    Buy at be forward no froud and cars for be forward have low mileage

    Pitia kwenye
    HONDA Fit (DAA-GP2)

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    na Last Mukomawasha (Zimbabwe) kuwasha 10/May/2022 Mnunuzi aliyethibitishwa


    Very nice

    Pitia kwenye
    HONDA Fit Hybrid (DAA-GP4)

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  • As described no surprises

    na Marcus Brown (Canada) kuwasha 10/May/2022 Mnunuzi aliyethibitishwa


    Excellent customer service, speedy shipping with no hidden fees or complications, exactly as advertised

    Pitia kwenye
    MITSUBISHI Pajero Mini (GF-H58A)

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  • I recommend beforward to anyone

    na Prince Appiah Kusi (Ghana) kuwasha 09/May/2022 Mnunuzi aliyethibitishwa


    I recommend beforward to anyone who wants to buy a vehicle from Japan. My vehicle arrived and the exterior and engine are all in good shape. Thank you be forward

    Pitia kwenye
    NISSAN Ad Van (DBA-Y12)

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  • Beforward (Lesotho Office)

    na Khethollo Tsakatsi Japanese Car Importer kuwasha 09/May/2022 Mnunuzi aliyethibitishwa


    Are you looking to import a car from Japan to Lesotho, we are your one stop solution, look no further. We pride ourselves in providing reliable services timely & professionally

    Pitia kwenye

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  • The car is very clean

    na Acolyte Car Solutions (Zimbabwe) kuwasha 09/May/2022 Mnunuzi aliyethibitishwa


    The car is very clean and the interior is very good

    Pitia kwenye
    HONDA Fit (DAA-GP2)

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  • I like the unit, Honda

    na Andrew Namakhwa (Malawi) kuwasha 08/May/2022 Mnunuzi aliyethibitishwa


    I like the unit, Honda stream; good outlook, spacious, speedy. All facilities functional; AC, internavi, bluetooth, powered windows and mirrors. Beforward made me happy again!

    Pitia kwenye
    HONDA Step WGN (DBA-RN6)

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