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  • Thank you BF

    by Bwalya M. Bright (Zambia) on 25/Mar/2019 Verified Buyer


    I received car in good shape and the services where splendid...

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    TOYOTA Alphard (DBA-ACA36W)

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  • Great car

    by Everton Harris (Jamaica) on 08/Feb/2019 Verified Buyer


    The car is great the customer service was great. Thank you beforward.

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    TOYOTA Alphard (DBA-ANH20W)

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  • Toyota Rav 4

    by Hansp Hulton (Tanzania) on 30/Jan/2019 Verified Buyer


    Thanks beforward, I just received my vehicle safely in a good condition.

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    TOYOTA Alphard (DBA-ACA36W)

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  • Excellent buying experience

    by Gavin Duncanson (Bahamas) on 26/Sep/2018 Verified Buyer


    The process was seamless and straight-forward. Very easy buying experience. My Dodge Magnum arrived on time, no delays. And in good condition just like the pictures showed. It needed a brake job and a new alternator. Easy fix. Love the car and BeForward was fantastic. I definitely will buy from them again.

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    TOYOTA Alphard (-)

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  • RAV4 2009, Issa Jurua Beven (Uganda)

    by Issa Jurua Beven (Uganda) on 12/Feb/2018 Verified Buyer


    The car was really very superb, The first day i Checked in the website, I very well know condition. Please trust beforward they are really and cheap in terms of prices this has made me buy vehicles from beforward jp on monthly basis.

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    TOYOTA Alphard (DBA-ACA36W)

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  • My toyota alphard was 101% perfecto

    by Maile Veatupu (Australia) on 05/Nov/2017 Verified Buyer


    So overwhelmed with the Beforward JP. Its really hard to trusted this online selling this days eapecially vehicles but you guys are freaking awesome.communication through email was my number one on the take care everything no hassle for me. Even when I lived in australia but wanting to buy AND shipping my toyota to Tonga. YOUR TEAM WERE AM ...Read More AZING. U guys helped me and making things so easy and no hassle for me Quick shipping by way .Love those emails indications since day one .please keep up the good work and looking forward to see you guys in the future. Read Less

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    TOYOTA Alphard (UA-ANH10W)

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  • Excellent

    by Rhobie Gatsi (Zimbabwe) on 15/Sep/2017 Verified Buyer


    The car was perfect everything, nothing missing. Keep it up Be forward

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    TOYOTA Alphard (DBA-ACA36W)

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    by Michael Mwanza (Zambia) on 16/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer


    I enjoyed the car and i received it has advertised thank you this time Be forwards

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    TOYOTA Alphard (CBA-ANH10W)

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  • Toyota Alphard ( received at Kolwezi Drc)

    by Ben Kasala (D.R.Congo) on 12/Jun/2017 Verified Buyer


    The car is perfect and engine in very good condition and customer is enjoying qo much

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    TOYOTA Alphard (CBA-ANH15W)

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  • Very Good

    by Mpoza Ronald (Uganda) on 24/Jul/2018 Verified Buyer

    Thanks to Beforward for the wonderful time and experience I had while I was buying with car was in a good condition expect the simple dents that it........but thanks to Beforward for the excellent Job.

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    TOYOTA Alphard (DBA-ACA36W)

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